Land I

Despite all our advances in technology with surveying satellites from above, there remains an unmarked and uncharted land.  It is vast, quiet and at times overwhelmingly peaceful. There are moments when I feel insignificant yet fortunate enough to have the opportunity to witness such a place. A place under wraps, in hiding, pure and intact.

The shutter sounds, signaling an end to our visual escapade. Should we go for a second round? Perhaps another time, the light moves on reminding me to do the same. In anticipation of the final results, I remind myself to stay calm because it is in moments like these when mistakes can happen and potentially ruin my undeveloped work. It’s a long way back and taking this into consideration there are no second chances, every day is different from the last. 

The water is tasty and fresh in the creek, the air dry and clean, this land, my paradise. 


  1. Jennifer Delgaty

    Feels like the scale flutters between large and expansive to marco detailed. Very unique some are galactic style as if capturing the night sky and others peaceful and country western epic. Keep up the great work!

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