Written by peterberra

I found a nest on the ground on an early spring morning after a heavy wind storm. It was propped by fresh sprouting grass surrounded cigarette butts and other remnants that had accumulated over the winter months. I knelt to inspect this knitted bowl to discover a carefully crafted home constructed of tall grass and fine twigs interwoven with the occasional synthetic fibre. It wasn’t as fragile as I first imagined. Still intact, even after weathering such a windy storm and after having fallen from such heights. Suddenly I felt like an imposter, probing a creatures home. I, the unwelcome guest looking at and probing a creatures former home! Maybe it was a trap, set by a cunning much more sophisticated species. Or maybe it was just me and the sparrow taking inventory of a hopeless situation. My winged friend allowing him or herself a slice of respite before the rebuild. The sparrow looking down camouflaged by the trees above and I looking up trying to identify its original location. This nest now stands as a testament of a bird’s craftsmanship (if I can say that), often taken for granted and I humbled by this new understanding and discovery.  When I picked up the nest, I noticed a gull’s feather close by and thought it too should be included with the nest.

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