Artefact | fragments of a modern urban landscape


(US artifact)


A collector of sorts, I’m particularly attracted to things that are made for a specific task and a for a limited time. Things that are used once or a few times before they are discarded. It is once they get discarded where I begin my collecting and through this process of collecting is where I begin to discover what they represent far exceeds their intended function. It is only after the material has become worn down, bent and given way to the pressures of time when they begin to reveal something about our cultural habits, enterprise and possibly our indulgences. They all begin life as carbon copies, replicas, making it impossible to tell one apart from the other. Only once they are subject to extreme conditions and the context of the time they begin to reveal a story unique to their own creation and the context in which they were found. Making each found object full character carrying individualistic qualities.


Being Before Being